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Homebuyer Counseling 

Our housing counselors provide you with custom - tailored guidance as you prepare for homeownership.

In our session we will:

  • Determine how much home you can afford

  • Build your credit and reduce debt

  • Create a budget and build savings

  • Become mortgage ready

  • Plan your next steps to start your homeownership journey

Housing counseling appointments are scheduled at your convenience during our business hours.  Counseling sessions are typically 60-90 minutes long (depending on your needs) and can be conducted over video call, by phone or in person at our Homeownership Center at 847 Steves Ave.

You will be asked to complete a counseling intake packet and provide us with documentation for your financial assessment.  Although all counseling sessions are free of charge, NHSSA charges a $25 fee, per borrower, to obtain your credit report for the housing counseling session.   A credit report is comprehensive and collects data from the three major credit bureaus.  The type of credit report we pull is a "soft inquiry", meaning it will not impact your credit score.  Once you call our offices and decide to set an appointment, an NHSSA counselor will provide you with the counseling intake packet and options to pay for your credit report.



Contact our Home Ownership Center Team

For more information, you can contact us at:


Valorie Garcia

HUD Certified Housing Counselor

(210) 798-2394


Connie Mendez

HUD Certified Housing Counselor

(210) 798-2392   

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