NHSSA Seeking Contractors to Build Three New Homes

NHS Home Construction.jpg

Neighborhood Housing Services of San Antonio, Inc., (NHSSA) is seeking licensed, qualified General Contractors to complete the construction of up to three new single-family homes. An optional pre-bid conference will be held at 12:00pm on Tuesday, November 15, 2022, at NHSSA’s office located at 851 Steves Ave, San Antonio, TX 78210. Instructions for submitting a bid and all relevant documents are below.


Bids must be submitted via email to no later than November 30, 2022, at 5:00pm Central Time.


Click on the icons below to download each document for your bid package.

  1. Bid Instructions

  2. Bid Cover Page

  3. Building Plans – 2303 Schley Ave

  4. Building Plans – 234 Yucca St

  5. Building Plans – 6338 Channel View

  6. Scope and Bid Form – 2303 Schley Ave

  7. Scope and Bid Form – 234 Yucca St

  8. Scope and Bid Form – 6338 Channel View

  9. Sample Contract

  10. Section 3 Monthly Report Form